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         ABOUT US

Aether Energy, LLC dba Eco Electric is strategically located in the Washington, DC metro and San Francisco, CA. Since 2001, We have built a team of seasoned in-house professionals in addition to a broad range of industry partners. Our mission is to distribute wholesale equipment packages or provide turnkey solutions to our clients that efficiently generate or conserve energy in the most reliable and economic way. We specialize in LED Lighting, Controls, Solar PV and Energy Efficiency,  in addition to a Dynamic Security Software platform that uses machine learning to increase the detection of security events.


Project Development

Aether Energy’s experienced staff is available to provide our clients and partners with development support as needed to keep the projects moving forward. We conduct energy audits, on-site surveys,  develop energy savings models,  specify and distribute equipment and/or provide turnkey solutions that include project management, installation and commissioning.  Services include interconnect negotiations, energy off-take agreements, project designs, constructability reviews, energy payback analyses and technology assessments. Engineering energy solutions requires an understanding of the site-specific variables and operating parameters of each of the main system components and the ability to integrate these components together to facilitate a reliable, functional and most importantly, and economically feasible project.

Key Component Selection & Procurement 

Aether Energy is technology and equipment agnostic. It is important to understand the various aspects of a component’s impact on system design, not just from an engineering and operational perspective, but also cost and financial. The design of an effectively integrated and operationally reliable system is dependent upon a thorough knowledge of the alternatives available. Our team has a broad knowledge of the energy industry and the pro’s and con’s associated with selection of particular system components. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate decisions and suggestions from our clients and partners and to advise on the efficacy of such decisions to optimize the most appropriate bill of materials for a particular project.

Project Cost Estimates & Energy Production Modeling

Energy modeling is a critical part of any design process. Understanding the output of a system design is important to all parties and a vital component of a project pro forma. At an early stage of project engineering Aether’s engineers and analysts use proven systems to refine system design, evaluate the effects of design changes, as well as model the expected energy output (or savings) from a system. We have a keen eye on the bottom line to enhance the return on investment for our clients.  Our solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients.


Aether’s affiliate, Eco Electric, self-performs construction projects and also has strategic partners and subcontractors. ECO ELECTRIC is well versed in avoiding costly delays and mistakes to ensure projects are delivered in a timely manner within the allocated budget. Optimizing the returns for all the stakeholders in a project is our primary objective. Understanding the important variables, regardless of whether we self perform or collaborate with qualified implementation partners, is the key to our success.